2021 ADEM Endorsements

All 2021 ADEM ballots MUST be received and postmarked by January 27, 2021, to arrive on or before February 3 – NEW DATE!! Any ballot received after that date will not be counted.

The Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) are one of the way we can push the California Democratic Party to the left, ensuring that they stop endorsing corporate Democrats,  embrace Medicare for All, stop the school to prison pipeline etc. If you are a registered Democrat, please register for the ADEM special ballot (deadline: January 11, 2021). All ballots must be received by the CA Dem Party by January 27, so we’re encouraging folks to put their ballots in the mail by January 20.

Below are some resources:

Register to vote for ADEMs

Find your Assembly District

Assembly District 17 Self Identified Female (SIF)
Janelle Jolley
Nomvula O’Meara
Christin Evans
Cherelle Jackson
Joy Chaoying Zhan
Jackie Prager
Venecia Margarita
Assembly District 17 Other than Self Identified Female (OSIF)
Christopher Christensen
Vanessa Pimentel
Julian LaRosa
William Shields
Jeffrey Kwong
Njon Sanders
Robert Sandoval
Assembly District 19 Self Identified Female (SIF)
Kaylah Williams
Alida Fisher
Kalimah Salahuddin
Sophia Andary
Brigitte Davila
Alondra Esquivel
Assembly District 19 Other than Self Identified Female (OSIF)
Brandon Harami
Joshua Ochoa
Gabriel Medina
Alan Wong
Gilbert Williams
De’Anthony Daymone Jones