Membership Dues

Our Membership Dues enable us print our Voter Guides and cover the operational costs of the club.

It is our core belief that we should not exclude anyone for their lack of funds. We ask those who want to become Voting Members to donate whatever amount is suitable for their financial situation, or to volunteer for the Club if there are not in a position to make a financial contribution. We operate on an honor system. Pay your membership dues here!

Degree of BernMembership TypeDues
1st Degree of BernEliminate Student DebtVolunteer for Club for 4 hours
2nd Degree of BernFight for Living Minimum Wage$15
3rd Degree of BernFree Childcare/Pre-K/College for All$27
4th Degree of BernClimate Justice/Green New Deal$50
5th Degree of BernEnd Mass Incarceration$74
6th Degree of BernHousing For All$150
7th Degree of BernTax on Extreme Wealth$270
8th Degree BernersOverturn Citizen’s UnitedAnything over $270