The San Francisco Berniecrats is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization formed in 2016 aimed at furthering the goals of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign platform. We are a membership-based and non-partisan political club that does not take any money from corporations, candidates or campaigns. We’re focused on local grassroots organizing, because change begins locally. We operate “democratically”, meaning major decisions and endorsements are made only through a vote of our membership.

What have we done?

We vote on our club’s endorsements and print tens of thousands of SF Berniecrats Voter Guides every election cycle and hand them directly into the hands of San Franciscans. For those who liked Bernie, it‘s a great introduction to lesser known ballot measures and candidates. We are now mobilizing locally for the Bernie 2020 campaign.

NO is not enough. We have to offer real solutions to this broken system. So for the past 4 years, the SF Berniecrats have been fighting for Medicare for All,  for Affordable Social Housing and have been supporting the work of allied organizations in their fight for tenants rights, immigrants rights, and against police brutality. We’ve been volunteering countless hours to pass local ballot measures and to help elect grassroots candidates that will fight corporate money and power.

We are based in the city of San Francisco and welcome others to organize local chapters across the US. We are a local affiliate of the nation Our Revolution organization, and our local endorsements can influence their national endorsements. Here is our guide on how to start your own local progressive group.

Check out our events calendar for our next meeting!

Email us at SFberniecrats@gmail.com