November 2022 Endorsements

San Francisco General Election – November 8, 2022

Thank you so much for your participation and involvement in our November 2022 endorsements process! We heard from a ton of incredible candidates during our August meeting and heard about their plans and priorities, and how they plan on fighting for progressive values across the City. After tallying the votes from our membership, here are our November 2022 Endorsements. Scroll down for more info and explanations!!

More details and explanations about our positions:

Local Ballot Measures / 三藩市市縣提案 / Medidas electorales locales:

Measure A – YES ✅

This measure assures that the very small group of SF retired employees who retired before November 1996 — most of whom are in their nineties now — get the Cost of Living Adjustment they’re contractually owed.


Sí. los jubilados deben recibir el ajuste al costo de vida que se les debe por contrato.

Measure B – No Position

This measure repeals November 2020’s Measure B which created a Department of Sanitation and divided the corrupt Department of Public Works responsibilities between the new department and the DPW. This new Measure B will also limit qualifications and duties of the oversight committee created by the 2020 Measure B. The major problem seems to be that the new Department has yet to be created.

無立場 。公共工程部門及衛生和街道部門

Sin posición.

Measure C – No Position

This Oversight of the Department of Homelessness is needed, but having an oversight committee which is dominated by mayoral appointments to oversee the Department which is already run by the Mayor’s office is unlikely to address the need.

無立場 。我們需要加強對市府無家可歸部門的監督,但讓市長監督自己的部門不可行。

Sin posición. Si se necesita la supervisión del Departamento de Personas sin Hogar, pero hacer que el alcalde supervise su propio comité no funciona.

Measure D – HELL NO! ❌

This is a developer/real-estate funded proposal which does nothing to address San Francisco’s need for housing for low income and unhoused residents. It is not union/family/low-income friendly. If passed anything built will likely further the SF income divide.

反對! 這將高收入人群的更昂貴的房居重新定義為“可負擔”。

CLARO QUE NO! Desarrollador/financiado por bienes raíces, no apto para sindicatos/familias/personas de bajos ingresos.

Measure E – HELL YES!! ✅

This is a better solution to meet the housing needs. It will further construction of housing for families and for lower income San Franciscans. It will also assure that the jobs created by building such low-income family housing are union jobs.

贊成! 這將導致更多真正可負擔房居。

¡POR SUPUESTO QUE SÍ! Apoya trabajos sindicales y viviendas para familias de bajos ingresos.

Measure F – YES ✅

Not a new tax. Extends the property tax assessment until 2048, which is currently set to expire. The sole purpose of the assessment is the preservation of our public libraries.


Sí. No es un nuevo impuesto: preservará nuestras bibliotecas públicas.

Measure G – HELL YES!! ✅

All students in the SFUSD deserve success. This will help to ensure that San Francisco public funds support public school student achievement and receive needed social/emotional wellness services.


¡POR SUPUESTO QUE SI! Todos los estudiantes del SFUSD merecen tener éxito.

Measure H – HELL YES!! ✅

Other cities have done similar moves of local elections to even-numbered years, which has resulted in far greater voter participation. It may also be a financial savings as the off-year, low turn-out election of the Mayor and other local offices would be consolidated with other high turn-out statewide and national elections.


¡POR SUPUESTO QUE SI! Elecciones de la ciudad en años pares = más participación de votantes.

Measure I – NO ❌

This ill-advised & Trump donor-funded proposal will permanently reopen JFK Dr & the Great Highway to dangerous pre-pandemic traffic. There is no guarantee that this measure would address accessibility concerns, and instead, it would increase emissions.


No. No queremos abrir permanentemente JFK Dr & Great Highway al tráfico peligroso previo a la pandemia.

Measure J – No Position

This measure incorporates the Board of Supervisors-instated closure of JFK Dr into the City Charter.


Sin posición.

Measure L – YES ✅

This measure extends existing taxation of certain businesses for transportation purposes (e.g. safe roads, pedestrian crossings) for an additional 30 years, which was originally implemented in 1989 and extended in 2003.


Sí. Impuesto sobre Ventas para la Autoridad de Transporte

Measure M – HELL YES!! ✅

This proposes the taxation of units intentionally kept vacant by their owners for more than half the year. Funds from the tax will be used for low-income and elderly housing subsidies, and to acquire, rehabilitate, and then operate buildings as affordable housing. Let’s tax those vacant units and fund much-needed affordable housing!


¡POR SUPUESTO QUE SI! Que se cobre impuestos a las unidades vacantes: ¡deberían estar ocupadas!

Measure N – No Position

This will transfer authority of Golden Gate Park underground parking from the Concourse Authority to the Recreation and Park Department. However, while it is a good idea to remove private control of the parking garage, this proposal fails to assure that Rec & Park control will make the garage either affordable or accessible.


Sin Posición. Poner el Estacionamiento Subterráneo del Parque Golden Gate bajo Rec & Park puede no hacerlo asequible o accesible.

Measure O – HELL YES!! ✅

This is a minuscule parcel tax which would help fund City College. Let’s save City College by approving this equitable parcel tax!


¡POR SUPUESTO QUE SI! ¡Salvemos a City College a través de un minúsculo impuesto a la propiedad!

Local Candidates / 三藩市市縣 / Candidatos Locales:

Board of Supervisors / 三藩市市議會 / Junta de Supervisores:

District 2: No Endorsement / 無背書 / Sin apoyo.
District 4: Gordon Mar 馬兆明
District 6: Honey Mahogany 霍尼‧莫豪格尼
District 8: Recommend* Rafael Mandelman 建議* 孟達文
District 10: Shamann Walton 華頌

Board of Education / 教育委員會成員 / Junta Escolar:

Alida Fisher 阿莉達‧斐義莎
Gabriela Lopez 盧佩思
Karen Fleshman 凱倫‧費雪曼

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) / 社區大學董事會成員 / Colegio Comunitario:

Anita Martinez 安妮塔‧馬丁內茲
Vick Chung 鍾曉雲
Susan Solomon 蘇珊‧莎洛文

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) – 2yr term / 社區大學董事會成員(2年) / Colegio Comunitario – 2 años:

Adolfo Velasquez

Assessor-Recorder // Assesor-Registrador:

No Endorsement. / 無背書 / Sin apoyo.

District Attorney / 地方檢察官 / Fiscal del Distrito:

John Hamasaki 濱崎

Public DEFENDER / 公共辯護律師 / Defendor Publico:

Mano Raju 力儲文

BART Board, district 8 / 灣區捷運董事第8選區 / BART, Distrito 8:

Janice Li 李正元

Read the responses to our candidate questionnaires that were used in our deliberations.

* Recommend :  We recommend, but don’t fully endorse. / 建議: 不等於背書 / Recomendamos, pero no apoyamos completamente.