Shop Locally & Ethically

Put your money where your mouth is! Here are some recommendations on where to shop ethically in San Francisco.

Highly recommended:

Rainbow Groceries
1745 Folsom St, 13th & Folsom (under Central Freeway)
Local worker-owned co-op that supports progressive independent news. They sell grains, herbs, spices and other things in bulk with compostable bags, which also reduces packaging and is more environmentally friendly!

Arizmendi Bakery
Mission: 1268 Valencia St, 23rd & Valencia
Sunset: 1331 9th Avenue, 9th & Irving
Worker-owned co-op that serves creative fresh sour dough pizzas (one type a day) and various baked goods and breads.

Xanath Ice Cream
Mission: 951 Valencia St, 20th & Valencia
Owner is a Bernie supporter (had Bernie signs on his store window for almost a year in 2016) who imports spices like saffron and vanilla beans, and makes delicious ice cream on the side!

Artists & Craftsman Art Supply
Financial District / Chinatown: 555 Pacific Ave, Pacific & Kearny
Worker-owned co-op art supply store, with lots of highly professional supplies, and well as school & craft art supplies. They offer teacher and student discounts, and have a program for teachers to pre-pack art materials for a particular class for students to pick up. They can do special orders too. Forget about going to monopolies and get art materials at this co-op!


Good Life Grocery
Potrero Hill: 1524 20th St, 20th & Connecticut
Bernal Heights: 448 Cortland Ave, Cortland & Andover
Locally owned community health food grocery store.

Berniecrats-friendly event spaces:

Slate Bar
Mission: 2925 16th St, 16th & Mission

SoMa StrEats
428 11th St, 11th & Bryant

Cadillac Bar & Grill
Market Square: 44 9th St, 9th & Market