September 14, 2021 Gubernatorial Recall

Vote NO on the September 14 Recall Election


Let’s be honest – we’re no fans of Gavin Newsom. Yes he’s still a corporate Dem, and No he’s not nearly as progressive as we’d like him to be. But you know what, he has handled the COVID-19 pandemic better than most other governors in the country for a state our size. Right now the polls show that if the recall goes through, we WILL have TRUMP-SUPPORTING conversative radio host LARRY ELDER as governor. The governor proposes the state’s budget to the legislature, has veto power, and handles things like the pandemic response. Having a Republican in that seat WILL do a LOT OF DAMAGE.

Polls currently show that the September 14 Recall election will be neck to neck.

So, we need you to vote NO on the recall, and tell your friends to vote NO!

How does the recall work?

If the first question on whether to recall the governor gets a majority of 50%+1, then the person who gets a plurality on the second question of who to replace him will win. That’s very dangerous, because if we don’t turn out, a Republican with only 20% of support could end up being our next Governor! Here are some FAQs on the election.

Important dates:

August 16: Vote-By-Mail ballots begin to arrive to all registered voters in CA

September 14: The Gubernatorial Recall Election <– Ballots must be POSTMARKED by this date, so be sure to send your ballot in the mail early!

How should I vote?

There are two questions on that ballot.

Question 1: Should Governor Newsom be recalled? —-> Vote “NO”

Question 2: Who should replace him? 

We recommend leaving it blank, because we reject this Republican attempt to seize control of our heavily Democratic state, and there are no viable alternatives. But we acknowledge that there is a risk to leaving the second question blank because, if the first question passes, the candidate with the most votes can win. Question 1: majority rules. Question 2: plurality rules. Ultimately, your vote is your choice. The important thing to remember is that your vote on each of the questions does not affect the other, so voting for a candidate in Question 2 does not alter your NO vote on Question 1.

Mail it Back: Once completed, put the ballot inside the enclosed envelope, you’ll need to seal and sign the back, and put it in the mail BEFORE September 14 for it to be postmarked on time! To be safe, just vote ASAP! Or you can go vote in person on September 14. Here are different ways to vote.

Tell your friends

Please tell your friends / family members in CA to remind them of the election – because many people don’t even realize there’s one around the corner!

Sample message:

Hi __! Did you know there’s an election on Sept 14 to recall the governor? We HAVE to turn out to vote NO on the recall, otherwise we risk getting a Republican governor! You should already have received a mail-in ballot. Make sure you vote NO and mail it back ASAP! Also, please forward this to 10 other friends in CA. Thank you!