June 2019 CADEM Chair


We are proud to endorse Kimberly Ellis for Chair of the California Democratic Party!

Since 2017, Kimberly has bravely run against the Democratic Party machine, and was the first candidate to have the ability to unite Hillary and Bernie voters. In her questionnaire, Kimberly did the best job in addressing how the Party put its thumb on the scale in the 2016 Democratic Presidential primaries, as well as how it cheated in the 2017 Chair’s race. She has been the most outspoken and articulate about how to change the structure of the California Democratic Party and democratize its processes. Given the culture of sexual harassment and bullying within the party, it is also important to elect someone who is committed to drastically changing the culture of the Party. Since 2017, Kimberly has reached out to many local groups on the campaign trail, has surrounded herself with Bernie organizers and will be more likely to listen to the policy suggestions of Berniecrats.



Rusty Hicks

Daraka Larimore-Hall

Mike Katz-Lacabe

Lenore Albert

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