Letter in Opposition to the Actions of the 2022 San Francisco Redistricting Task Force

SF Berniecrats Banner - Redistricting

We, the San Francisco Berniecrats, stand in opposition to the actions and tactics of the 2022 San Francisco Redistricting Task Force. Their efforts to blatantly tear apart communities of color, LGBTQ+ communities, and working class folks across our City for what seems to be a political power grab. It’s beyond infuriating to see how marginalized communities AGAIN are having to deal with the blows to appease the support of moderates, billionaires, and affluent communities to have an unfair advantage to take over the levers of power here in San Francisco.

Throughout the past few months of this process, we have seen the results of our City’s Redistricting Task Force gerrymandering the 11 districts represented at the Board of Supervisors. At the very least, this Task Force must do the following in order to regain the trust and integrity from our respective communities:

      • Keep Sea Cliff and Russian Hill in District 2
      • Un-Gerrymander District 5
      • Keep the Inner Sunset in District 5 or put in District 4, not District 7
      • Keep the Tenderloin in District 6
      • Keep Portola in District 9
      • Keep Potrero Hill in District 10

We commend the incredible amount of community organizing and activism with organizations like San Francisco Rising, The League of Pissed Off Voters, and numerous others who released statements to ensure our communities are adequately represented for the next decade. We commend the HUNDREDS of community members across our City who dedicated endless hours to let this task force know where we stand when it comes to these clearly gerrymandered maps. We commend the Task Force Members Jeremy Lee, Michelle Pierce, Chema Hernandez Gil and Raynell Cooper, who have been fighting endlessly for our communities, and walking out when they knew the process was a sham.

Our San Francisco deserves fair representation that empowers, not divides, our communities, for political gain. Our San Francisco deserves a Board of Supervisors that continues to fight for the working-class, BIPOC, and marginalized communities that have been suppressed for FAR too long. Finally, our San Francisco deserves a redistricting process that takes public comment seriously and into consideration, and doesn’t waste the time of hard-working community members until the early hours of the morning, just to put forward a slap-in-the-face map.

In Community & Solidarity,
The San Francisco Berniecrats.