SF Berniecrats 2017 Officer Elections Results

The results from the SF Berniecrats Officer Elections are in!! Thank you to all the candidates who participated, and to everyone who came out to vote. Here are your officers for 2017:

Co-Chair: Ben Becker and Claire Lau
Treasurer: Trevor Martin
Membership Coordinator: Cassandra Inglesby
Election and Endorsements Coordinator: Reid Chalker
Moderators: Michael Marinucci and Caleb Arring
Recorder: Hedi Saraf
Social Media Coordinator: Chris Holl
Events Coordinator: Clarice Corell
Graphic Designer: Mirka Morales
Tech Manager: Tim Wayne
Correspondent: Anjali Baliga
Fundraising Coordinator: Adriel Hampton
News Researcher: Alex Hagen
Press Coordinator: Christopher Cook
Community Outreach Coordinators: Dan Kappler, David Carlos Salaverry, Gary Appell, Leah Cooper, and Trevor Martin

Still to be voted on: Legal Advisors

ADEM Results – Reform Slate Wins!

AD17 ADEM Results 2017

In AD17, East SF, the SF Reform Democrats won 8/14 through a contentious and chaotic election.

Assembly District 17: Laura Clark, Gladys Soto, Davi Lang, Alysabeth Alexander, Leah Pimentel, Angeles Roy, Mia Satya, Theo Ellington, Rafael Trujillo, Peter Gallotta, Wade Woods, Todd David, Benjamin Becker, Nima Rahimi.

For AD19, West of SF and Daly City, all 8 candidates of the SF Reform Democrats won, and almost all of their recommendations from Ting’s slate got elected as well. So progressives got 13/14!

Assembly District 19: Wendy Aragon, Amy Bacharach, Brigitte Davila, Maureen Dugan, Amy Erb, Kelly Groth, Li Lovett, Ian Fregosi, Brandon Harami, Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, Jonathan Lyens, Gabriel Medina, William Walker, Alan Wong.

Nov 2016 Endorsements

Endorsements Nov 2016

The SF Berniecrats met twice to vote on all these candidates and measures. To win our endorsement, each candidate had to win at least 60% of the vote.


National Races

President: Jill Stein– CA is going blue anyway. If Jill gets 5%, Green Party gets federal funding

US Senate: No Endorsement – Harris is tied to corrupt Dem establishment, and needs improvement on police reform; Sanchez is a blue dog but voted against the Iraq war

Congress D12: Preston Picus– Picus is a Berniecrat and school teacher; Pelosi is a liar

Congress D14: Jackie Speier


State Races

State Senate D11: Jane Kim– Endorsed by Bernie and hopefully the future of the Dem Party

State Assembly D17: No Endorsement – Neither are progressive enough

State Assembly D19: No Endorsement – Neither are progressive enough

Superior Court: Victor Hwang– Progressive civil rights advocate


San Francisco Races

Board of Education:
Rob Geller
Matt Haney
Jill Wynns

Community College Board:
Tom Temprano
Rafael Mandelman
Shanell Williams
Alex Randolph

BART D7: Lateefah Simon– Progressive advocate for disenfranchised

BART D9: Bevan Dufty

D1: Sandra Lee Fewer– fighter for affordable housing & education
D3: Aaron Peskin– Progressive staple in SF
D5: Dean Preston– One of CA’s greatest tenant’s rights advocate
D7: Norman Yee
D9: Hillary Ronen– Progressive civil rights worker
D11: Kimberly Alvarenga– Housing and workers advocate. Herrera was a close second.


State Ballot Measures

51 – School Bonds for K-12 and Community Colleges: Yes. Will pay for school construction and repair. Not perfect but we’ll take it.
52 – Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program: No. Fees on hospitals will go to special interests.
53 – Revenue Bonds: No. Republican Trojan Horse to stop progress.
54 – Legislature proceedings: Yes. Public oversight is good.
55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare: Yes!Tax the rich for education.
56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare: Yes. Cigarettes will kill you.
57 – Juvenile sentencing: Yes. Help kids get their lives back.
58 – English education: Yes. Overturns English-only education.
59 – Corporate spending in politics: Yes!!!Overturn Citizens United!
60 – Condoms in porn: No. Nobody wants this and it doesn’t help anyone.
61 – CA drug prices: Yes. Keeps drug prices down.
62 – Repeal the death penalty: Yes!Execution IS cruel and inhuman.
63 – Ammo sales: Yes. A weak show-piece for Newsom, but we’ll take what we can get.
64 – Marijuana Legalization: Yes!End prohibition now. The US will follow.
65 – Plastic bag charges: No. Undermines plastic bag ban, takes $ out of CA.
66 – Accelerated death penalty: No!Innocent people will die.
67 – Plastic bag ban: Yes. Keeps the ban alive.


Regional Measures

RR – BART bonds: Yes. Gives BART money they need, keeps us safe.


San Francisco Ballot Measures

A – School bonds (local): Yes. Repair and construct new schools. Seems to benefit construction companies more than improving the quality of education, but it’s better than nothing.
B – City College tax: Yes. $20 parcel tax to help City College.
C – Affordable housing bonds: Yes. Loans for affordable housing.
D – Vacancy appointments: Yes. Requires interim election for vacant seats.
E – Street trees: Yes. Trees are the city’s responsibility.
F – Youth voting: Yes. Lets 16-17 year-olds vote in school board elections.
G – Police oversight: Sure. Rename the Office of Citizen Complaints. Separate budget from SFPD, but doesn’t provide real reforms.
H – Public advocate: Yes. Creates Office of Public Advocate, balancing the power of the Mayor.
I – Senior funding: Yes. Funding for senior citizens and the disabled.
J – Homeless and transport funding: No. Good ideas, dangerous implementation. Initiated by Ed Lee and Weiner.
K – Sales tax: No. Money won’t be used properly. Linked to measure J.
L – MTA oversight: Yes!Gives progressive Board of Supervisors leverage for SFMTA.
M – Housing Commission: Yes. Takes oversight for housing from Mayor to Housing and Development Commission.
N: Non-Citizen parents can take part in School Board votes: Yes!We fought a war over taxation without representation. Already pay taxes, so deserve to be involved.
O – Increase in commercial space in Hunters Point and Candlestick: No. We’ld prefer this land be used for residential or mixed use.
P – Competitive bidding: No!Will make affordable housing worse.
Q – Prohibits tent on sidewalks: No. Doesn’t work when we have a shortage of housing and criminalizes homelessness.
R – Neighborhood Crime Unit: No. Creates Scott Weiner Gestapo.
S – Allocates Hotel Tax for Arts, and Moscone Center: Yes.
T – Restrict campaign contributions: Yes!
U – Affordable Housing Requirements: No!Makes it harder for middle and low income people to get affordable housing.
V – Tax sugar sweetened beverages: Yes. Regressive tax, but sodas cause health problems.
W – Tax on Properties Over $5 Million: Yes!
X – Preserves space for Arts, small businesses, and community services: Yes. Helps SOMA and Mission.