The San Francisco Berniecrats join JVP Bay Area in condemning any attempts to censure, condemn, or cancel John Avalos for his tweet

“Never again means never again for anyone. Never again also means ppl of conscience have a responsibility to prevent the past fear & indifference to Jewish suffering from ever happening again to anyone anywhere. Ppl have the right to call out elected leaders’ complicity w/genocide”

The First Amendment is intended to protect the people’s right to speak out against the government. Government officials (e.g., State Senators, members of the Board of Supervisors) are obligated to listen to their constituents, not to lash out against the free exercise of speech.

Avalos’s social media post supported criticism of an elected state senator who refuses to call for a ceasefire in a war the International Court of Justice and a federal court in Oakland called “plausibly” genocidal. Like countless jurists, academics, human rights groups, and other experts around the world—including some of Israel’s leading Holocaust scholars—Avalos believes Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. So do we. And like Avalos, we condemn any elected official who is complicit.

During the McCarthy era of the Frightened Fifties, people were intimidated by the government for the exercise of their rights of association and freedom of speech. Many lost their jobs, employment and careers—even their families.

Now we are confronting books bans, library closures, study restrictions, job loss, even violence, all designed to silence opposition to genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Condemning John Avalos for his public, personal expression is the rearing of the McCarthyist Snake.

The San Francisco Berniecrats reject a return to those times. Please join us. Speak out. Call for a ceasefire NOW and an end to Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza and throughout illegally occupied Palestine. Oppose the New McCarthyism.

Venezuela Resolution

We voted to pass this at our last Membership Meeting:


Resolution Against U.S. intervention in Venezuela



hereas, the United States Congress and many voters have expressed concerns regarding foreign governments potentially interfering with 2016 elections for the President of the United States;



hereas, the United States government has a long, shameful and disastrous history in intervening in the affairs of other nations, particularly in the Americas, by military, economic and other means;



hereas, the national interest requires the increased use of our national wealth and resources for domestic purposes rather than their diversion toward increased military adventures abroad;


e it resolved that     The San Francisco Berniecrats     recognizes that it is the sole right of the Venezuelan people to determine their own destiny and therefore opposes: any military intervention in Venezuela; all covert interference in that nation’s affairs; the use of economic sanctions and assets seizures designed to further immiserate its people; and all further measures designed to impose so-called “regime change” from Washington;



e it further resolved that    The San Francisco Berniecrats     calls upon our elected representatives in Congress to vigorously oppose such policies.


San Francisco Berniecrats Resolution to Abolish ICE

Whereas, the San Francisco Berniecrats support comprehensive, humane immigration reform and a path towards citizenship, including changes in local legislation to encourage non-citizen integration in the political process through measures such as Proposition N (2016).

Whereas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has operationalized and institutionalized mass deportations in the post-September 11 era, incorrectly treating undocumented immigration as an issue of national security without considering the accompanying civil rights, dignity, labor rights, and circumstances of immigrants, many of whom have been perilously affected by imperialistic U.S. foreign policy and trade policy.

Whereas, ICE’s oppressive, militaristic mission has recklessly endangered the lives of families and individuals in our communities over various presidential administrations, most recently culminating in the separation of families and the especially inhumane treatment of children.

Therefore be it resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for the defunding and dismantlement of ICE’s interior civil detention and deportation functions.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for the City and County of San Francisco to immediately suspend all support and assistance to ICE or affiliated agencies, including the suspension of all police and City department actions against ICE protesters.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for a transition to a humane immigration system that treats all immigrants with respect and equality, including equality with respect to civil rights, labor rights, and economic justice.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats urge Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and Sen. Kamala Harris to join our call for the defunding and dissolution of ICE.

Syria Resolution

The SF Berniecrats voted to endorse the following resolution on military action in Syria:


hereas, Representative Barbara Lee has introduced H.R. 1473, a bipartisan bill to block additional U.S. forces from being sent into Syria by prohibiting the Department of Defense from funding any attempt by the administration to expand our presence in Syria by putting U.S. combat boots on the ground;


hereas, the San Francisco Berniecrats is organized to give the residents of San Francisco an effective voice in government through active participation in the electoral process, and our Bylaws commit SFB to work for economic and social justice and civil and human rights for all persons and for a world at peace;


e it resolved, that the San Francisco Berniecrats urge Representative Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier to sign on as a co-sponsor to H.R. 1473 and urges Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to carry forward similar legislation in the Senate to prevent further U.S. military action in Syria.