SF Berniecrats 2023 Officer Election Results

After all the votes have been counted, we have our elected officers for 2023! Congratulations to our newly elected officers:

2023 SF Berniecrats Officers
2023/24 Officers

Co-Chairs: Janelle Jolley & Joshua Rudy Ochoa
Treasurer: Mary Leatherman
Membership Coordinator: Adam Kim
Communications Coordinator: Brett Wilkins
Elections & Endorsement Coordinator: Laura Goldin
Events & Fundraising Coordinator: Toby Sachs-Quintana
Recorder: Julie Pitta
Tech Manager: Steven Mazliach
Community Outreach Coordinator: Winnie Porter

You can read the bios of our officers on the Officers Page.

We thank you for your support to continue leading our club and helping to uplift the progressive movement in San Francisco!

Dues for 2023 Membership

If you haven’t already, please make sure to pay your membership dues for 2023 to remain a voting member of the San Francisco Berniecrats! We’ll be focusing on coalition-building, expanding our club’s membership, and getting out into the community to do the necessary work.

SF Berniecrats 2017 Officer Elections Results

The results from the SF Berniecrats Officer Elections are in!! Thank you to all the candidates who participated, and to everyone who came out to vote. Here are your officers for 2017:

Co-Chair: Ben Becker and Claire Lau
Treasurer: Trevor Martin
Membership Coordinator: Cassandra Inglesby
Election and Endorsements Coordinator: Reid Chalker
Moderators: Michael Marinucci and Caleb Arring
Recorder: Hedi Saraf
Social Media Coordinator: Chris Holl
Events Coordinator: Clarice Corell
Graphic Designer: Mirka Morales
Tech Manager: Tim Wayne
Correspondent: Anjali Baliga
Fundraising Coordinator: Adriel Hampton
News Researcher: Alex Hagen
Press Coordinator: Christopher Cook
Community Outreach Coordinators: Dan Kappler, David Carlos Salaverry, Gary Appell, Leah Cooper, and Trevor Martin

Still to be voted on: Legal Advisors